Fundraising Event

Revolusi Sober Untuk Anak Muda

  • 25/04/2016
  • Malaysia
MYR 150
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Target : MYR 10,000

About Event

The reason we run this campaign is because We wanted to produce a book and a cd called Revolusi Sober Untuk Anak Muda (Sober Revolution For The Youth).It's a story compilation of people that in the subculture scene living a sober lifestyle.The book comes with a song that written by bands in sub-genres that will inspire the readers with the lyrics they wrote. The compilation comes with our Drug-Free anthem called "Choice I've made".

The book will be distributed to schools for Free when we do our programs at Schools or Uni/College.We wanted kids to know that they can be cool and Drug-Free without abusing substances.Kids will be inspired by songs like all the members in Drug Free Youth Association.

We have a mini-concert that will be held soon,we hope that we can get donations whose interested in this project.We will show the sample of the book and cd while this campaign is running. Contributors will get the book and cd once it's released.

Here's how you can contribute :

1. You can donate RM50 or more and get our Cd+Book that we are launching soon.

2. You can buy a ticket for the mini concert at rm20 a ticket by donating that amount and emailing us at [email protected] with the number of tickets you ordered with your donation

3. For student show your student pass and get a 25% disc for entrance.

Mini Concert Info :

Date :22 May 2016

Time : 10am-10pm

Venue :MakeSpace, Quill City Mall, Jalan Sultan Ismail,Kuala Lumpur.

Rundown Program :

There will be a mini bazaar of Unikl Students:
Presentation by: Khai Aziz

Moderator and Emcee:
Bob Ringgo

Sober Punk Panelist
(College lecturer)


The Highlight bands :

2.Sekumpulan Orang Gila
8.Spooky Wet Dreams
9.Fhive Helmi
10.Strike Out
11.Jabatan Audio
12.Second Combat
13.Thy Regiment
14.Shazet (Beatboxer)

Please contact us for further details :  

017 554 1994 (Asfraf)

011 1084 0054 (Hazlami)

More stories :

KHAI is a lead Singer of a Straight Edge band call second combat. They had been 20 years in making scene spreading the drug-free and  positive ideas. The band were the 1st successfully toured Europe in 2007 with French band call Backsight after signing up with Straight Edge Label "Commitment records" from Netherlands in 2006, Then they Did a split Ep with Hungarian Band called Motivation in 2009 , and release a full-length album with a Switzerland/France record label call Rude Kids Crew in 2012. They had involved in several International compilation in France, Belgium and Philipines. Currently, they will be releasing a split album with Indonesia band called Straight Answer and release their final discography. Through the existence Second Combat had been appointed as the ambassador for Nonprofit organization call Amnesty International in 2012-2013 and toured Malaysia several times. Second combat is well known to Asia because of their hard effort in being the most outspoken and political band. They had toured Europe in 2007, Indonesia 4 times, Singapore 4 times, Thailand and Philipines once and countless of a magazine, radio and tv interview.

After college in 99, With the experience working in Sales and marketing In the banking and corporate industries, Khai use his skills to convince kids to embrace his positive ideas. Lots of kids began to believe and follow-up his ideas of being drug-free for life. He manage to inspire few bands to become straight edge such as kids on the move, Eleven, Last minutes, until the end,Channel-X .And continued to current moment 2016 Touchdown, Homerun, Heart A Tack and X-kids are the new Straight Edge band in his list. His idea were recognize by a couple of famous bands such as Hujan and Pesawat. Some of the band members start to embrace straight edge. Besides that most of the band members in the underground scene start to adapt his ideas such as Zero.O, Seven Eight Six, Skunkfix, On Your side, Naratu, Thy regiment, Heart a Tack, Strikeout and many more. Lots of kids started to acknowledge his messages and began to follow him including bands in Indonesia and Philipines.

KHAI is an active member of a few non-profit organization such as Malaysia Adolescent Health Association, Malaysia substance Abuse Association, Malaysia Council Tobacco Control. In his personal achievement, Khai had been recognized in Australia. He is appointed for being the ambassador for a non-profit organization call Untoxicated in 2013. He's also a brand ambassador for a straight edge clothing brand call Parental Advisory Clothing in Indonesia. Besides that being ambassador for local NGO call Malaysia Fitness and Anti-Doping Association.In 2015 an advertising company called "We people" knew what he's doing and appoint him to be brand ambassador for the company. The company has been servicing a telecommunication company call  "Altel" which is own by Malaysia millionaire Syed Al Bukhari. Altel see his effort on helping people and appointed Khai to be one of the ambassadors for the community campaign call "Terima kasih Sama Sama". He stories spread to Hong-kong and been advertise in online magazine call " Unite Asia". A company call "Our Better World" from Singapore heard about him and decide to make a short film about his stories. He's also being invited to Speak at TED X Asia 2014 about his ideas, Now he’s success story spread to the US and got the interview in music magazine call "Maximum Rock n Roll" from San Francisco USA.

Khai started the drug-free youth association (DFYA) back in 2010.He started the NGO because he wanted to empower kids from drugs and substance abuses. He experiences it in his younger day when he’s brother were addicted to drugs and his family torn apart because of it. Khai work with his single mother decided to seek help for his brother after the 8 arrest, His mother had to face negative judgment and pressured from people in the village where they live. Facing traumatized and depression for several years. They had to move to an isolated area where Khai and his mother avoid his brother from relapsing again. Khai and His mother had to protect his brother from triggering, which comes from the pressure of the old friends.They manage to succeed. After 4 years of rehabilitation, his brother got the strength back and now starting a new family. Besides that lot's of his friends were drawn to drugs. Some of them are still in the rehab and some of them died, seeing that dark experience, he decided to start something.

 He starts a band just to campaign it,The band was formed in 1996 and embrace straight edge in 1999, which most of the band members turn to Straight Edge which is a totally clean lifestyle of don’t smoke, drink and do drugs  and some are vegetarian Throughout the years, they find it hard to have a show because they always raid by authority. After hard years, Khai initially registers his company called "United Front" which is taken from his skateboard collective in 1998. He thought that authority will not raid the shows and detain the kids. But he was wrong While working in a local college he explained by a guy to open up an association to be safe. He started to learn how to open an association and quit his job after that because he think's it's really important to have an association and protect the kids from getting arrested by playing music.He thinks that playing music is not a crime, compares by not doing anything and driven to drug use. Without any funding, he started do enter schools with the presentation slide he created. He tells stories about his life and how he become straight edge. In 2012, he introduced to a friend on how to get funding for the association. His friend introduces him to Myharapan Foundation and he was funded from there to enter schools without being worried about not having the salary. Throughout the years, he had been to 300 schools and university and talk to thousands of kids all over Malaysia. His work had been acknowledging by the government and government start to seek his advice on how to work with the youth especially in campaigning about drugs. He uses empowerment instead of scaring kids were pretty effective. He had been invited to government workshop and conference to share his ideas on how to confront the drugs problem in Malaysia. So far to date, DFYA had signed almost to 250 bands and receive 7k followers.

Currently, with his wife Leia Az-Zahra Justin did not just spread an anti-drugs and Straight Edge message to the masses but a message about humanity and compassion issues. Together with his wife Collective call "The Traveler" they manage to get the message across. They now work in to assist the refugees in education line and assisting homeless for food and shelter. Besides that they work to help the disable, orphanage, a single mother and the poor for a better life . Both husband and wife are songwriters, create a  message through their songs they were written and spread it to their fans every time they had the chance.

For him is not easy to fight drugs, because he has to face drug dealers, pushers, cartels and user every day. His life is at risk on doing this. He used to be threatened by users in fisherman villageTelok gong, he saved a child and mother were about to get sold by his father because of drugs in Fisherman village, and his van got broken and flatten in drug area in Taman Medan. Lot's of kids who uses drugs also against his campaign. But he keeps fighting and spreading his messages among kids through his music and talks. He is now teaching other bands to be like him and spread the ideas through music and education. He believes that musician has the power that can inspire their fans to be like them .They are the politician in their scene. So why not inspire in a positive and creative way.