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Help provide learning kits to 800 children

  • 5/1/2021 - 8/31/2021
  • Philippines
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Save the Children Philippines

 We are raising money for Save the Children to support displaced children in Marawi. Year Four is hoping to raise 60,000 pesos to help children gain access to educational books, clean water and hygiene kits. Many children in Marawi have been displaced since war broke out in 2017, and they were just beginning to go back to school when COVID 19 hit. These children are now entering their fourth year without access to education, quarantining in tents and they need our help! During this spring term, Year Four have been learning about refugees and displaced children. We read a book called ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’; it tells the story of a Syrian refugee boy that has been on a very challenging journey to get to England and find safety. Inspired by the story, we did some of our own research, and found out that there are 80 milliion displaced people in the world, and that 31 million of those people are children. I approached Save the Children Philippines to ask them to come and speak with my students about displaced children and refugees around the world, and it is then that I learnt more about the situation in Marawi. I thought it would be such a valuable experience for my students to learn about a cause that is so close to home, so we decided to raise some money. Students began their project by learning more about Marawi, collecting facts and figures. A representative from Save the Children came and spoke to us, and then a teacher from Marawi also connected with us to answer our questions and explain more about the situation on the ground. Students then wrote persuasive emails to their parents and family friends, encouraging them to donate and explaining how difficult life is for the children of Marawi. They extended this learning into their art class, designing posters for their campaign. The recent quarantine of children in the Philippines has been challenging for all of us, but for the children that live in tents, with no access to electricity, books and electronics it has been so much harder. We hope that, with your help, we will be able to achieve our goal of helping the children of Marawi.  

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Target : PHP 60,000