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UNICEF Basket of Hope

  • 10/30/2020 - 1/31/2021
  • Philippines
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UNICEF Philippines

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Fundraising for:
UNICEF Philippines

Our team's theme is "Stay home,Earn and Share to the UNICEF" aims to reach out to the less fortunate who are deprived of education and immunization due to the health protocols being observed. All WIS-KO students will be doing household chores and on-line tutoring to earn and to share these earnings to this project.Basket of hope is our main goal where we will be donating for specific basket as follows;  Php 500.00= Basket for COVID 19 Safety (safety gear) Php 1,000.00= Basket for immunization= Fund to transport 2 volunteer health care workers to remote area to vaccinate the children  Php 2,500.00 - Basket for Education - E-learning materials and access for elementary studentsWis Korean organization is a group of volunteers Westfields International School students in the Philippines. Due to the pandemic, we are not able to go out due to lockdown and age limit health protocols that we have to follow. As we think of a way to donate to Unicef, we thought ofSimplyGiving to use as our platform. We believe that a small act of kindness can help people who are in need. Moreover, help from variety of people is needed in this situation. As people work together, the stronger and healthier the children will be in remote areas.  We need your help!!! Donations are welcome to this project.We, as advocates of UNICEF’s Program, can attest that this platform is SAFE and SECURE. All donations made through this platform will go DIRECTLY to UNICEF Philippines’ bank account remitted automatically by SimplyGiving.  

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Raised So Far : PHP 20,000

Target : PHP 20,000