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Hi, thank you for visiting our fundraising page. We will be taking part in HKDR Peak to Fong 2012 sponsored by Disney in 25/11/2012 and aiming to raise money for Hong Kong Dog Rescue In Hong Kong, more than 20,000 dogs are put to death each year simply because they have no home. HKDR has found new homes for around 5,000 lucky dogs and puppies (but it's still a small percentage of the total number). Therefore, HKDR's aim is to increase the number of dogs saved while decreasing the number of dogs abandoned, or simply unwanted. Please support CHI-yah Pets by sponsoring generously, and help us to make a difference. CHI Residences

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  • Kevin Thi

    HKD 600 11/25/2012 07:26:33 PM UTC

  • Daphne Wong

    HKD 200 11/14/2012 02:00:42 PM UTC

  • Kristy Tong

    HKD 500 11/12/2012 03:47:17 PM UTC

  • CHI Account Department

    HKD 400 11/12/2012 09:59:41 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    HKD 100 11/09/2012 05:44:52 PM UTC


    HKD 100 11/09/2012 05:40:01 PM UTC

  • Chan Ka Yiu

    HKD 100 11/09/2012 04:58:09 PM UTC

  • Pilar Danielle Morais

    HKD 2,500 11/09/2012 04:47:50 PM UTC

  • Tsz Tsun Kevin Ng

    Come on CHI-yah_Pets!!!

    HKD 500 11/09/2012 11:03:23 AM UTC

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