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Our combined efforts will provide a library (Cost: 70,000 HKD) to a Hong Kong community center. Every dollar gets us one step closer to our goal!

My Story

APAC and EMEA Gives have joined forces to organize a combined excursion to trek the Great Wall and to raise money for our local charities. Hong Kong has 8 participants, and we are raising money to benefit Bring Me A Book Hong Kong, the BlackRock Gives legacy charity from 2015. Bring Me A Book aims to advocate for family literacy by facilitating access to quality children’s books in English and Chinese and empowering parents and educators via dedicated training to make reading fun. The fundraising from the Beijing trek will be used to provide another library to underserved families in our community and we will be fundraising and hosting several events as part of this initiative.

We have an internal BlackRock site available for easy matching as well, so please stay tuned for subtotals here.

April 29th status: over $60,000 HKD raised.

Hong Kong Trekkers: Con Tzatzakis, Benjamin Gregson, Chris Maginnis, Candy Cheng, Eric Mueller, Crystina Hickey, Deyi Wu, Bing Xiao & Gina Noel D'Ambrosio

Thank you!

Recent Donors

  • Yuan Li

    HKD 2,000 07/05/2016

  • carmen

    HKD 500 07/05/2016

  • Lynn


    HKD 2,000 06/05/2016

  • Zhenzhen Luo

    May the Force be with you... Always...

    HKD 500 06/05/2016

  • Tao Li

    Read for life!

    HKD 500 05/05/2016

  • Helen Zhu

    Good luck, Bing!

    HKD 800 03/05/2016

  • Helen Zhu

    Good luck, Chris!

    HKD 800 03/05/2016

  • Xiaobo Hong


    HKD 2,000 03/05/2016

  • Gareth

    HKD 500 02/05/2016

  • Evan Walters

    Good luck Chris! What a great cause!

    HKD 500 29/04/2016

Team Members

Bing Xiao

Raised : HKD 7,800

Eric Mueller

Raised : HKD 0

Ben Gregson

Raised : HKD 0

Candy Cheng

Raised : HKD 0

crystina hickey

Raised : HKD 0

Chris Maginnis

Raised : HKD 2,738

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