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RESOLVE: A fellowship for ethnic minority leaders

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Please support RESOLVE, a capacity-building fellowship I will kick-start in Hong Kong, beginning July/August 2017.

RESOLVE’s aim is to provide ethnic minority grassroots spokespeople with rights awareness, advocacy skills and leadership development through a year-long fellowship program. 

RESOLVE stands for Rights, Equality, Solidarity, Organization, Leadership, Voice and Empowerment - the pillars of the project! The goal of the program is to develop a visible and vocal force of ethnic minority grassroots leaders to combat racial discrimination and promote a more inclusive Hong Kong society. This will be the first platform that brings together local, migrant and refugee ethnic minorities. 

Key Objectives

The project goal is to develop a united, visible and vocal force of ethnic minority grassroots leaders and allies who can effectively advocate against racial discrimination and promote diversity to improve their situation and foster a more inclusive Hong Kong society. The objectives are:
  • To increase skills attainment of 15 fellows committed to combat racial discrimination in rights awareness, advocacy skills and leadership mentoring to be effective and influential spokespeople
  • To effectively involve and coordinate the fellows in the process of Hong Kong's review by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.
  • To develop an alumni network of the fellows. 
The longer-term vision is that RESOLVE can be a platform expanded to other causes in the future beyond racial discrimination, with the thematic focus of each fellowship recruitment cycle changing according to the most pressing social causes of the time.

Pilot Project (4 months)

In order to test the project, a small, condensed 4-month pilot project will take place with a first cohort of 15 participants, who will take part in a series of trainings, workshops and individual mentoring over the course of three months, and then will put into practice what they have learned on a small final project of their choosing in the final month. A call for nominations will be sent to community civil society partners who will identify grassroots leaders among their beneficiary base with demonstrable leadership potential and interest in working together to be catalysts of positive change for their communities. Some of the fellows may also include young, local people with a track record of concern for racial discrimination and inclusion issues. An academic partnership will be established to conduct a monitoring and evaluation of the pilot to take robust stock of the pilot experience.

How Can You Help And How Funds Would Be Utilised
The funds raised will go directly towards the 4 months pilot project which begins in July 2017 - These funds will support participants to attend by reducing their economic barriers to participation through a transport subsidy; develop basic infrastructure and material supplies to be able to deliver the training and workshops; and manage the program. Your donation will go a long way in helping a new kind of social purpose start-up in Hong Kong. 

For about HK$ 10,000.00, donors can sponsor an individual fellow, building up a next generation of leaders to promote a more equal, multicultural and inclusive Hong Kong.

Please DONATE and help SHARE this project with friends. 

With your help, we can make this happen!

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    You are almost there! So excited for your work to continue, Victoria!

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    You're doing great work, Victoria! Best of luck!

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    Best of luck Victoria! We're rooting for you, and couldn't be more proud of this incredible initiative. x

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