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CHARGE Syndrome Awareness- Medical and Therapy Sessions for Job Meneses

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​CHARGE Syndrome is a very rare congenital disease that affects 1 in 10,000 newborn births.

Job Jerico Meneses is the first Filipino to be born with CHARGE Syndrome in Philippine General Hospital last 2002. He had 6 medical operations, one of those was the Open Heart surgery.

Our family have been striving to have him undergo different therapy sessions like Physical therapy, Occupational therapy and Speech therapy. Job is also prone to different diseases due to his weak immune system.

We are aiming to have another surgery which is an ear implant so that his hearing will improve. We are kindly asking for your help for Job's daily medication, therapy sessions and ear implant surgery.

Read more about CHARGE syndrome: CHARGE syndrome is a disorder that affects many areas of the body. CHARGE is an abbreviation for several of the features common in the disorder: coloboma, heart defects, atresia choanae (also known as choanal atresia), growth retardation, genital abnormalities, and ear abnormalities. The pattern of malformations varies among individuals with this disorder, and the multiple health problems can be life-threatening in infancy. Affected individuals usually have several major characteristics or a combination of major and minor characteristics. The major characteristics of CHARGE syndrome are common in this disorder and occur less frequently in other disorders. Most individuals with CHARGE syndromehave a gap or hole in one of the structures of the eye (coloboma), which forms during early development. A coloboma may be present in one or both eyes and may impair a person's vision, depending on its size and location. Some affected individuals also have abnormally small or underdeveloped eyes (microphthalmia). In many people with CHARGE syndrome, one or both nasal passages are narrowed (choanal stenosis) or completely blocked (choanal atresia), which can cause difficulty breathing. Affected individuals frequently have cranial nerve abnormalities. The cranial nerves emerge directly from the brain and extend to various areas of the head and neck, controlling muscle movement and transmitting sensory information. Abnormal function of certain cranial nerves can cause swallowing problems, facial paralysis, a sense of smell that is diminished (hyposmia) or completely absent (anosmia), and mild to profound hearing loss. People with CHARGE syndrome also typically have middle and inner ear abnormalities, which can contribute to hearing problems, and unusually shaped external ears.

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