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URGENT: Save FlowBooks From Vanishing Into Thin Air!

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Update - 4:00pm, 25 May (Thursday)

Dear Friends, WE DID IT!

I am so grateful for all of you who have chipped in to allow us to raise enough funds to repay the initial amount of HKD$150,000 that has been owed to the landlord. Last night, we also had a successful fundraiser at the Orange Peel where we raised a total of HKD$4,312. So grateful for all of you that have lent your support to FlowBooks. With this payment as a partial payment of the unpaid rent, the landlord is willing to consider a further repayment schedule and a new tenancy lease for FlowBooks so that we can enter our next phase - Phase Two - where we become a better and sustainable bookstore for all of you. 

In due time, I will be starting a new fundraising appeal for Phase Two, and provide you with details of the plan should you be keen to support me. 

Please continue to donate to this page, any excess funds raised here will go toward Phase Two.

Thank you everyone.

With much Gratitude,

Update - 10:27am, 23 May (Tuesday)

Good news everyone! All donations from this time of 10:27am on Tuesday 23rd May onward will be matched ONE FOR ONE!  

One of FlowBook's supporters has just called me to make this kind and generous gesture. He has chosen to remain anonymous but I am forever grateful. 

What this means is that we only need to raise about HKD$20,000 more (to fully cover credit card and SimplyGiving website fees). The rest of the matching funds will be transferred by bank transfer by the anonymous supporter. Any excess funds that are raised will be invested back into the rental and operations for FlowBooks for the immediate future.


Update - 7:30pm, 22 May (Monday) 

Dear Friends and Supporters, 

It has been a courageous fight to save FlowBooks, and 7 days of huge effort from everyone. I cannot express how appreciative I am of every one of you who has donated, shared and supported this cause in one way or another. It has given me incredible hope and inspiration to keep FlowBooks alive for our generation and beyond. We needed to raise a minimum of HKD$150,000 for the landlord, but are still short of HKD$35,000. However, I am hopeful that with our continued efforts, we will be able to reach the target. The landlord has very kindly extended the deadline till Midnight on Wednesday, the 24th of May.

This is a very positive sign. I am very hopeful that we can reach this target and that I may continue to serve Hong Kong as a humble book keeper. I would also like to take this opportunity to share the story of an anonymous generous supporter, who learnt about my plight through Apple Daily on Friday, and appointed lawyers to handle discussions with the landlord's lawyers.

Please continue to support and share this campaign for the remaining time so that we can reach our target. 

I am truly grateful for each and everyone of you for your support, and want to individually thank each of you in the future.

Your bookstore keeper at FlowBooks
22 May 2017


We need your urgent help to keep FlowBooks open...

FlowBooks is asking for urgent, compassionate donations to help save our 20-year old community secondhand bookstore from a forced closure next Monday!  

Please note that the amount 'raised so far' that is posted on this page is the total of amount raised ONLINE as well as OFFLINE.

Our Plight

Dear Flow-ers of FlowBooks,

Thank you very much for your love and concern towards FlowBooks.

To save FlowBooks, we have been granted a few more days before the scheduled auction of our shop assets next Monday. This means we need to raise the needed HKD150,000 funds by Monday, 22 May 2017, to pay for part of the due rent and seek the reopening of FlowBooks. We would very much appreciate your help to donate at least HKD50 towards FlowBooks. 

If there are 3,000 book lovers (donors) to do so, that would be a miracle, as together with our community, we would be able to help save FlowBooks through raising the needed HKD150,000 by Monday, 22 May! 

Please Donate TODAY by clicking the "DONATE NOW" button above. 

We are happy to present each donor with a FlowBook to express our great gratitude once we FlowAgain! A FlowBook in your name would be donated towards a FlowKid who loves to read too. Thank you!

Your bookstore keeper at FlowBooks
17 May 2017

Donate and share our plight with friends. Thanks heaps for your kind and generous giving and help. 

Please Donate today by clicking "DONATE NOW" above!

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  • Anonymous

    HKD 98,160 10/12/2017 12:00:00 AM UTC


    HKD 650 09/22/2017 11:22:02 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    A token of appreciation from myself and a friend, who believe dreamers should have their day in the sun.

    HKD 1,000 06/18/2017 02:43:31 PM UTC

  • airca C.

    Books create meaningful to life. Hope 小書多 can operate continuely. Best Wishes.

    HKD 500 06/16/2017 11:48:02 AM UTC

  • Times Pang

    HKD 150 05/29/2017 03:41:48 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    HKD 150 05/28/2017 06:30:07 PM UTC

  • Lucinda

    May more people find happiness and inspiration in books.

    HKD 1,000 05/28/2017 01:37:18 AM UTC

  • Gloria Chu

    HKD 50 05/28/2017 12:32:47 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    CAD 50 05/27/2017 11:02:07 PM UTC

  • Lyan Ki

    HKD 500 05/26/2017 10:24:39 AM UTC


    HKD 250 05/26/2017 06:34:44 AM UTC

  • Beth Smits

    Good things happen and Flow is one of them.

    HKD 500 05/26/2017 03:00:54 AM UTC

  • Wing Lau

    I watched the video on TVmost and it was really touching to knowing what you have done. I know this donation isn't much but please make use of it and keep up the good work.

    HKD 50 05/25/2017 11:47:37 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Our daughter and friends were visitor of the shop. Many people Hong Kong are sick of forced closure of reasonable shops which should be totally sustainable anywhere else in the world.

    HKD 250 05/25/2017 04:42:37 PM UTC

  • Hadesophic

    Gayau!! just read your story on 書店日常these days:)

    HKD 150 05/25/2017 04:06:18 PM UTC