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A group of Barclays Singapore staff has kicked off their #HeForShe volunteering initiative and will be riding 50km/100km at Aidha Tour de Singapore 2016. Please support us by donating for AIDHA and help provide financial literacy and self-development skills to foreign domestic workers and low income women in Singapore.

My Story

The Barclays’ match-funding team: Faisal Abdul Karim, Nitish Ramkumar, Winnie Neoh, Mervin Phay and Angelo Roxas will be cycling with around 160 cyclists from across Singapore and colleagues including Sylbestine Huang, HaoHan Liao, Jessie Lai, Subhash Chaudheri, Pramod Kollak at Aidha Tour de Singapore 2016 on 24th April to raise funds and awareness for AIDHA Singapore, which provides financial literacy and self-development skills to foreign domestic workers and low income women.

Aidha is an IPC (Institution of Public Character), a status conferred on charities that enables its donors to receive a 250% tax deduction for qualifying donations off their income tax for the year. Every registration and donation that you made for Aidha Tour de Singapore 2016, you will get a 250% tax deductible. (

This initiative is for our #HeForShe volunteering and some riders are also part of the WiN For Men (nicknamed WiNgMen) which encourages more male colleagues to actively participate in driving gender equality here at Barclays in Singapore.

The cycling event will engage 160 cyclists and aims to raise over $150K. Please help us meet a percentage of this contribution by generous donations, which will be fully matched by Barclays. Please add your name while donating.

The funds raised will contribute to the programmes to empower more foreign domestic helpers and their families.  This year’s Bike Ride will be held on Sunday, 24 April 2016. Please share this personal fundraising link with your friends and family and invite them to support me as part of this Aidha event.

You may contact me at [email protected] or +6563086054 for any information on this fund-raising effort.

For further information about this Singapore-registered org. please see or e-mail [email protected] and visit SG Charities Portal

Recent Donors

  • Shou Sen

    Support from the Barclays community

    SGD 76 04/28/2016 02:22:57 PM UTC

  • Kim Hiok

    SGD 50 04/26/2016 10:07:01 AM UTC

  • Yu Haiyang

    To Subhash, Nitish and every rider for the great cause.

    SGD 50 04/26/2016 03:52:32 AM UTC

  • Nicholas Jayaweera

    SGD 100 04/25/2016 01:43:15 AM UTC

  • Glasgow CAMDM

    Good luck Sylbestine, Haohan and everyone taking part in the race! From your friends in Glasgow :)

    SGD 70 04/22/2016 03:36:41 PM UTC

  • IB Reference Data Operations Team

    We are right behind you Sylbestine and HaoHan! From your IB Ref Data Operations Team!!!!!!!!!

    SGD 1,200 04/22/2016 08:42:59 AM UTC

  • Deepesh Lad

    Good luck guys - great cause.

    SGD 101 04/22/2016 08:08:01 AM UTC

  • Adrien dambre

    SGD 500 04/22/2016 07:30:50 AM UTC

  • Prasad Batchu

    Hi Subhash and Team all the best.

    SGD 50 04/22/2016 02:43:13 AM UTC

  • Stanwin

    Go NITISH!!

    SGD 50 04/22/2016 02:36:39 AM UTC