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I am now joining a campaign called 2nd Chance Programme by PT Foundation and being a tutor for children who are affected or infected by HIV. Let's put our hands together by donating to this foundation. Kids and their families need help! Thank you :)

My Story

PT Foundation is recruiting volunteers to mentor children who are infected or affected by HIV. These children live in stressful environments, which impact their emotional and psychological development. Many have lost a parent to AIDS, and teenagers are indirectly encouraged to hide their own or their caregivers’ HIV status. Moreover, the teenagers and their caregivers under-appreciate the importance of education,  self empowerment, and awareness. These children have very poor English speaking skills which is a necessary skill to build careers and break out of the poverty cycle. If you are interested in doing something good for children and their parents on a Sunday, please contact:
Supreet Kaur Maniktala
Programme Manager
Office No: 03-4044-4611
Cell No:    012-473-1051

Recent Donors

  • Ziyang Liew

    MYR 30 23/01/2020

  • Chan Yew Ng


    MYR 100 30/12/2018

  • evaneswaran kalliappen

    MYR 50 28/12/2018

  • Aston Eng

    Do good for my friend’s wishes!

    MYR 50 27/12/2018

  • Moon Ting Choong

    MYR 100 12/02/2018

  • Anonymous

    MYR 30 10/02/2018

  • Jasmin Kaur

    MYR 75 10/02/2018

  • Jasvinder Kaur Bassy

    MYR 150 10/02/2018

  • Francis Ngooi

    MYR 75 10/05/2017

  • Francis Ngooi

    MYR 50 26/04/2017

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