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Every small contribution makes a difference in the lives of orang asli kids!

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In the end-of-year school holidays of 2012 and 2013, I facilitated an educational camp aimed to help the indigenous Sengoi school children with their studies, and these experiences have since left a deep impact in my heart. I always took my primary and secondary public school education for granted, but there are still Malaysian kids, just like us who are exponentially more disadvantaged because of circumstances beyond their very limited control. They lack of motivation even at the outset because they cannot keep up with the school syllabus taught in primary school. These kids are discriminated against (by their educators, no less!) for their lack of academic proficiency, which discourages them even more, and the vicious cycle continues to perpetuate. It makes me mad that their chances of making it through primary and secondary education are diminished not because they are academically incapable, but because they are not afforded the same chances that you and I are. 

I never thought that my kindergarten education made a difference but putting things into perspective, pre-school is indeed a vital launchpad for academic success in primary school and beyond. Most of us are already expected to know our ABCs, 123s, how to read and how to write by the time we enter primary school, and those who don't struggle to keep up and eventually fall behind. Thankfully most of us did attend pre-school. This is not so for the Orang Asli children. And this is what the fundraising is about.  

Contributing to the education of orang asli children has been a burden I carry with me ever since. This summer, I aim to raise RM2500 (or RM7500 collectively) to empower the Orang Asli community by training up their young people to be teachers within their own community. All the donations will go toward Orang Asli pre-school classes located near Slim River, Gopeng, Gerik, Tapah and Gua Musang. 

I sincerely hope you will consider supporting this cause financially. It is a cause that is very close to my heart (otherwise I won't do it, I've never done anything like this before), and every donation no matter how small can make a difference. Thank you so much!

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    You might not know what NYC is like yet but for now, Malaysia is lucky to have you. Proud of you <3

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