I am so excited! As my artwork has been selected to be showcased in this charity exhibition.

My Story

This year is the 6th year of Find Arts Studio Exhibition which will be more meaningful! We are going to held a charitable exhibition. Through children creative and effort, they can give help to the needs in our society and think about how graceful they are!

Exhibition as detailed below:
Date: 29/7-30/7, 2017 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 2pm - 7pm
Location : Wheelock Gallery
2/F Queensway Plaza, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Exhibited work: 350 (last year Excellent artworks selected by teachers)
1) Painting & Clay Workshop for all guest (first-come-first serve)
2) Audience Installation Art workshop (free flow)
3) Artshow (size 3m x 2m huge painting created by teachers and students)

You are invited to come visit the exhibition and to make a donation to support my work as well as helping the families with low incomes and children with special educational needs.

To thank you for your support. We shall post you the receipt and the certificate of appreciation (nice printing with copy of the artwork you support, the name of the author and the donor) if you donate more than HK$150.

To find out more information:

Contact us: (Find Arts Studio and iCare Edutainment)
Whatsapp:  66009814 

To know more about the aims of exhibition, please check out the Q&A for more details as below:

Q: Where will my donation go?
A: The donation (excluding logistic and venue cost) will be donated to iCare for supporting their 2017-2018 events funding which associate for underprivileged family and SEN students (special educational needs)

Q: How does iCare help family in need? What is their service?
A: iCare supports more than 200 Special Educational Needs families in underprivileged scope of income class, including Smark Kids IT Tour, Family Online Classroom, through ongoing parent-child activities. Publish more than 100 parental Apps every year.

Q: Why do Find Arts Studio and iCare hold the exhibition together?
A: In a drawing contest held by iCare last year, we find our mission of educating children are similar. Therefore, we cooperate the event and combine technology and arts together to aid the needs in society.

Q: How do I call my friends to support the event?
A: Participants will get the online donation platform and log-in no. You can ask your friends donate in this online platform by bank transfer to support the children who   
are hunger in art as well. The one who donates $150 or above can recieve a thankful certification with children's artwork print. It will be sent via email or living address.

Q: Would I get any prize if I raise outstanding amount of money?
A: Sorry, we don’t have champion because this is not a competition. We only have 2 purpose for this exhibition:
1) To let children understand they can give help without any limit even though you are a kid only.
2) To appreciate their effort and encourage them do art seriously.

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