We're raising P18,000 to celebrate 18 years of friendship!

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Our friendship has helped us get through the toughest times. Through this fundraiser, we want to let underprivileged children feel how it's like for someone to have their back at the most difficult times-- just as millions of children are going through this pandemic. 

Donations will go to Save the Children's hunger & malnutrition campaign.

In the Philippines, the most dangerous part of a person's life is the day they're born.

Not all Filipino children can make it to their 1st birthday. Why? Poor nutrition is among the culprits.

The Philippines ranks 9th in the world for having the most stunted children – those too short for their age. In fact, 1 in 3 Filipino children is stunted.

Stunting is caused by consistent poor nutrition, and its effects can be long-lasting. Stunting delays both body and brain development, hence it may affect children's school performance and future careers.

In total, around 3.6 million (or nearly 30%) of Filipino children under five years are stunted. Stunted children are also 4 times more at risk of dying.

Save the Children wants children to grow up happy and healthy. Your donations will help us carry out a malnutrition treatment program among poor communities.

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  • Paolo A

    PHP 5,000 03/04/2022 02:33:26 AM UTC

  • angelo morada

    PHP 3,000 03/02/2022 05:41:17 AM UTC

  • Sarina Samson

    PHP 4,000 03/02/2022 04:26:05 AM UTC

  • Aps

    PHP 5,000 03/02/2022 04:14:26 AM UTC

  • AF

    PHP 5,000 03/02/2022 04:05:48 AM UTC

  • Boogie Crisostomo

    PHP 1,000 03/01/2022 09:48:27 AM UTC

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