We hiked 100km up and down the peaks of Penang Island over 4 days, aiming to raise awareness for cervical cancer. This hike is to support the Rose Foundation, a NGO in Malaysia pioneering a testing program allowing women to self-test at home instead of having a pap smear, making it more accessible for women around Malaysia. Our aim is raise enough funds for 100 testing kits!

My Story

Cervical cancer is becoming more common as historical vaccinations do not cover all the types of HPV causing cervical cancer. The positive thing about cervical cancer is that is the most preventable cancer as deemed by the WHO this year, if women get tested regularly.

Luckily, many women are encouraged to have check ups annually and are able to detect any abnormalities early, unfortunately this is not the case for all. In 2018 the WHO stated that over an estimated 570,000 women were diagnosed with cervical cancer worldwide with 311,000 women not surviving. The majority of the deaths came from lower economies areas. 

This 100km hiking trail was developed with countless errors and adjustment by liaising with local farmers, talking with local running groups, avoiding many wild angry dogs, sharing footpaths with monkeys, running away from snakes, working around landslides in torrential rain in a never changing 30 degree heat. This training has also included luxurious views whilst in a stunning jungle surrounded by fauna and butterflies.

This is not a registered event, we are walking on our own with our partners as support crew at the end of each day. Hopefully in following years it can be officially recognised as a large scale event wth registration proceeds going to the foundation.

After visiting the Program Rose HQ in Kuala Lumpur, I am very impressed with the small team which consists of mainly volunteers. The girls are passionate about counselling women whilst processing hundreds of tests per week.

I would like to thank the girls willing to hike with me, friends helping to bake for fundraising, the Rose Foundation for being so being so involved and supportive, my partner the logistics man, friends and family encouraging me to make this event happen. This is hike a very positive way to finish off a challenging year which caused me to learn so much about the Foundation.

The cost of one test is RM250 (AUD$84.51, NZ$92 & £47) which includes phone support and access to hospitals after a positive result, administration, lab testing, postage and the kit.

We are hiking 100km in a challenging environment, therefore we have set the fundraising goal of 100 kits to be donated. Any amount donated in support of this cause is sincerely appreciated. Donations are not only tax deductible, but they are going directly to the cause which can save the lives of many women.


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