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AUTISM is a lifetime neurological disorder for which there is no cure. Lifetime cost of its treatment is high and beyond the means of low to average income families. Early diagnosis & intervention is best but quite often children with AUTISM will miss the opportunity due to lack of awareness, appropriate facilities & expertise, and parents ability to pay. As they grow older, youths & adults with AUTISM may not be able to lead an independent AND meaningful life due to lack of employment, support and vocational opportunities. More info, please drop by at : NASOM a non-profit, nationwide non-governmental welfare organisation which was formed/registered in 1987 by a group of concerned parents and professionals. Currently, NASOM has established 20 centres around the whole country which offer lifespan services t persons with AUTISM & their families. We need your generous donation & contribution to provide affordable intervention services to children with AUTISM particularly those from low income families. Donations to NASOM qualify for tax deduction as NASOM is a tax-exempt charitable entity.

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