You can help us realize the powers and ideas of youth. Be a part of supporting the changemakers of tomorrow. YSI Southeast Asia is a Nonprofit Organization that aims to bring regional youths together, nurture their ideas for solving sustainability issues, and give them a platform to establish their own start-ups by connecting them with potential investors.

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YSI SEA’s Background

Today, youth in Southeast Asia recognize the various sustainability issues we face in our countries and around the world.

Many of these youth are incredibly passionate about tackling such issues, and have creative and promising ideas. But many do not know where or how to begin, and many do not have suitable opportunities to develop their ideas further. They are innovative minds that have local insights into the problems faced by their communities, but do not have access to proper guidance or mentorship.

We plan to change this.

YSI SEA is a Nonprofit Organization that aims to bridge these gaps and empower the youth of our generation to create measurable impact for sustainability issues. We do this through:

  1. Equipping them with necessary skills and frameworks to channel their ideas into tangible, impactful solutions
  2. Building the community required for them to channel and sustain their passion
  3. Collaborating with experienced organizations and individuals to provide mentorship and guidance to these passionate youth

Our Innovation Program

Our 4-month Innovation Program draws strength from the diversity of the region and the ideas of youth to transform them into impact-generating solutions. Our goal at YSI SEA is to build strong teams and stronger start-ups. 

This program has received widespread support from organizations such as Prime Minister's Office Singapore, Temasek Foundation, UNESCO and World Vision. It is also co-driven by our stronghold of almost 50 mentors, all of whom believe in our cause.

The teams are currently at the online phase of the Innovation Program and are tackling sustainability issues ranging from waste management in the agricultural industry, to concerns of malnutrition and difficulties faced by marginalized communities. They will soon be moving into the next phase, the SIP– a 10-day fully-funded program where our teams will be flown to Singapore. With the further guidance and advice from mentors, talks and workshops, they will refine their ideas to be presented at the Singapore Sustainability Conference and Showcase on the 29th of July, where they will pitch their solutions for accelerating the pace of Sustainable Development in our region.

The entire program at YSI SEA is fully funded because we believe that no one should be limited by his/her socio-economic background. Unfortunately, we are facing problems with securing funding and resources. We have all worked incredibly hard and share a passion to see this through and make it a success. The program is planned down to the tee; our teams are already hard at work and are so close to reaching their goal, but we need your help and support to make it happen.

Every bit of your help counts and we welcome donations, sponsorships, and partnerships of any kind. All funds raised will be channelled into the planning and execution of our Singapore Innovation Program, such as flight expenses, accommodation and meals.

You can help us realize the power and ideas of youth, and be a part of nurturing the changemakers of tomorrow.

Innovation Program Details

The Program consists of four phases:

  1. Application. Our Innovation Program garnered an overwhelming response from 800 promising youths across Southeast Asia, out of which 24 extremely passionate individuals were chosen to form 6 teams.
  2. 3-month Online Innovation Program. The first of its sort, our Online Innovation Program brings the different teams through intensive 3-months of team-building, problem framing, ideation and market validation stages.
  3. 10-day Singapore Innovation Program (SIP). Team refine their solutions; receive skills upgrading through workshops and prototype their products. At the end of the SIP, participants will pitch their solutions to the investors and incubators we gather on the 29th of July for further funding.
  4. Startup Development Support. We strongly believe in the need to support the teams after the program and are actively crafting a development support and impact analysis framework to ensure our teams receive full support even after the 4 months.

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