My 30th birthday is coming and I want to make a difference instead of having a party. Please help me add to what I already have by helping these kids. Let's make their smiles WIDER!!!

My Story

Being born in a very poor family, I grew up with no help from other people. It was a very hard life. Despite the lack in financial support, I was lucky to have a family  that helps each other. I started working when I was 8 years old (helping my mom sell anything) so that my siblings and I can go to school. Hardships were there but we were fighting for it! Unfortunate things happened. My Mom killed herself when I was 15. My youngest brother died four years after that (I was 19). My dad died when I was 22. Imagine the kid in me going through that! But then again, my remaining siblings and I pushed through life with smiles on our faces. Yes there were tears, but because we have each other, we prevailed!

Now I am successful in my chosen field, but I am not rich at all! However, I realized that my life was not that hard compared to other kids that didn't have the kind of support that I had. So helping them is a way for me to give back. Helping these kids will help our world in the long run. Please donate. Not for me, but for them. So that our world will be full of smiles instead of tears.

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