I'm making a pledge to help children learn! Please donate so we can provide children with learning kits.

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Every child has the right to education and must be given the best opportunities to learn. Currently, learners are facing an education crisis due to the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure the fulfillment of children’s right to education, Save the Children launched Project ARAL or Access to Resources for Alternative Learning. This helps ensure that children can continue learning even from their own homes by providing them with alternative learning materials and building the capacity of parents and caregivers to create a safe and nurturing environment that supports the holistic learning of their children.

Help us provide learning kits to 800 children. A new school year is about to begin and children will once again need these materials to support their learning from home or in school once the situation allows. A donation of Php 500 will provide a child with a learning kit that contains papers, pencils, crayons, erasers, and other writing supplies.

In the last 40 years, Save the Children Philippines has been able to support the educational needs of children by ensuring that their learning environment is safe and they are able to access quality materials even at an early age. Our Early Childhood Care and Development programs have helped improve the development and school readiness of children through the capacity-building and formation of support groups for parents and caregivers, development and provision of age-appropriate and indigenous play materials, development and publication of books and other early literacy materials in their mother-tongue language, and partnership with local government. In addition, our Inclusive Education programs have been supporting learners with disabilities through the establishment of school models, training teachers on inclusive education practices, and educating parents and communities.

With your support, we are determined to achieve even more significant progress in promoting and protecting the rights of children. #SavetheChildrenPHat40 #ForAndWithChildren

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