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C-Contributing O-On R-Reviving O-Original N-Nature's A-Abnormalities YOU could be the next SUPERHERO by contributing throughout the journey of reviving Mother Earth in getting rid of the Nature's abnormalities also know as pollution which actually originates from our daily activities.Has it ever come across our mind that the amount of single use plastic around us are more than accessible foods for poor countries around the world? Malaysia itself took a major share in the plastic waste issues due to the imported plastic waste from 10 countries of 1 trillion kilograms in just the first six months of 2018.The amount was nearly as much as the total our country received in 2016 and 2017.If it's from my perspective,it seems to be a big business that generates national income thus it takes a lot of patience to overcome this problem. In the first place ,recycling was the purpose for the importation of plastic wastes.However,no proper monitoring from the Government results to the risk of detoriating our health.Nowadays ,most of us would have finally realised that our well-being and our life couldn't be bought with money.Thousands of ringgit would not be able to buy us another life during the spread of Covid-19. The same impact implies well to this plastic waste issue.Random dumping areas and open burning are A BIG NO to our health but illegal operators had already done their damages nearby Port Klang and Teluk Panglima Garang.If you think that it's bad enough that it's happening nearby people's home , it's worst that they inhale toxic fumes everyday.I would not want this to happen to my family and friends and I bet you felt the same too. This is one of the main reasons as to why I am trying my best to be the voice of Mother Earth by campaigning foor Greenpeace Malaysia.By being independent and supported only by the public,Greenpeace Malaysia were able produce a report through months of investigations,undercovers and research which became appealing to all the Adun of Selangor to take action in 2019.You may have heard or read of the raids and shut down of those illegal factories but it's not time for a 'HOORAY' yet. Their modus operandi of shifting to the northern states such as Kedah,Perak and Port Penang has made our beloved states congested with plastic wastes that obviously couldn't be recycled.To end this,I would like to invite all of you to lend a hand in helping our mission by putting aside a Rm2 per day for a month (about rm58/month) continuously so that we would be able to continue our investigations and research in steps of producing impactful reports with all the facts that will blow your mind away.You will definitely not regret and will be able to have a good night sleep after ,knowing that you are one of the reason our Mother Earth are still safe for our future generations in years to come.

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