The mother's Earth is critically ill now.The tears from her should shatter us a lot.Dont let her face it alone. Please give good support to her to ensure the environment can survived as lowest Rm 10 for contribution!

My Story

Happy Father's day in Advance,papa.

No one know how I appreciate you.since I was born,papa struggle protecting the forest.

Thanks inspired me to be a better person.

You are my heaven.

Happy world ocean's day,

Happy belated World Environment's day.

You are my no 1 idol dad!

When we had a big wrote a poem.

"Suara aku hanya unggas yang memahami.kudrat aku hanya hutan yang tahu budi!

Keep support me through love and blessing.I am contented and passion serving myself towards Environment.

This's my love letter towards a person i call papa for 28 years.if you are father,father to be.proud yourself.contented ur kids towards religion.nurture him to do good deeds to be more empathy towards our mother's Earth.

If you dont want to see earth sad!heal the forest.

4 decade papa protecting forest.let's keep support me to continue his pure good deed.

Please dont hurt forest!it's like you hurt your parents.trees have families too.

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