I'm fortunately having a chance to make a difference by raising a charity fund for a good cause. Please support me by your donation. Your contribution will make a massive difference to the charity and people it helps. Thank you very much.

My Story

This is my privilege of having an opportunity to raise charity fund to support for the longer-term recovery efforts of two villages in Lombok, Indonesia, that was hit by the terrible earthquake in August 2018. Prudential is providing financial support to build 102 temporary homes, two kindergartens, two prayer rooms and a basketball court. This fund is called and managed by Prudence Foundation as a charity activity of Prudential Ride London.

I am fortunate to be a member of Prudential team to conquer a 100-mile challenge of Prudential Ride London – the world’s greatest festival of cycling. We are teaming up a real force for good and to help literally transform lives. This meaningful event will help to raise awareness and raise money for hundreds of charity funds to support unfortunate people. I have contributed my pedals with trainings in the hot and dry in sunny days or wet and cold in rainy days to come because I know I am supporting for a good cause. Would you please joining me to support the charity? Your contribution will make a massive difference to people it helps.

Thank you for your amazing support.

Recent Donors

  • Nhi Nguyen Huu

    USD 25 18/04/2019

  • Hien Tran

    USD 10 18/04/2019

  • Vinh Ngo

    USD 50 17/04/2019

  • Vinh Phuc Ma

    USD 15 17/04/2019

  • Nguyen Thuat

    A small contribution with hope that Thien would ride more, raise more and help more. Make us proud in London Thien. All the best!

    USD 15 17/04/2019

  • Hai Nguyen

    USD 25 17/04/2019

  • Hao Le

    USD 50 17/04/2019

  • Anonymous

    AUD 25 16/04/2019

  • Uyen Truong

    USD 25 16/04/2019

  • Pham Duong

    from Vietnam

    USD 25 16/04/2019

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