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Cat Beach Sanctuary Penang located at the fishing village of Teluk Bahang on Penang Island, Malaysia is under the umbrella of the non-profit Cat Lovers International Society, with a mission to improve the welfare of cats in Penang and reaching out to communities across the globe. Local fishermen have been caring for cats for the past decade, meanwhile homeless cats are found by kind people every day in desperate situations (in the ditches and drains, at markets, restaurants, or may simply have been dumped on the street) and sent to Cat Beach Sanctuary.

A "Zero Strays Policy" went into effect for the Penang state in July 2014, which means rescued cats cannot be returned to their home colonies and other shelters have no space to keep cats long-term. This has given special urgency to the need for a 'no kill' cat sanctuary, thus a small group of cat-loving volunteers decided to set up a sanctuary for cats in the summer of 2014, inspired by the work of Barbara Janssen who shelters more than 600 dogs at the 4PAWS shelter just up the street.

Ms Teviot Fairservis - a cat-loving American - and Mr Nana bin Wanchik - a fisherman who has been feeding cats for a decade - began to transform an old wooden house on the beach into what we have today, with the help of many volunteers since July 2014.

To help the cats, there are a lot of different ways available:

Read the preparation checklist on Cat Beach Penang's Adoption page - YOUR NEW CAT - adoption is a serious commitment so please plan how you will be able to care for the cat every day.

Perfect for people who can't manage to keep a cat permanently. Foster parents can provide a valuable service by caring for cats until a forever home can be found. Some even take on the sick or injured cat or kitten that are in needs of special care.

The sanctuary depends on volunteers to keep the place running smoothly, with lots of daily housekeeping can cat care to do. If you are able to help clean or medicate cats, you are welcome to the sanctuary to help almost any time (under strict SOP). Volunteers also take leadership or assist on producing events, outreach programs, renovations etc. to upgrade an improve lives of the Cat Beach Cats. For more info visit Cat Beach Penang's official website (

To keep the sanctuary operating and for the welfare of the cats there, food, cleaning supplies, medications and veterinary care take up most of the expenses. As of December 2020, Cat Beach Sanctuary currently operates at about RM20,000 (USD $5,000) per month. In order to give good care to any cat, daily food, parasite treatments, vaccination, sterilization and emergency medical care are needed. In year 2019, veterinary treatments costed RM19,178 while medical supplies costed RM13,578 on a total of RM61,642 (USD $14,892.51) of total cat care expenses throughout the whole year. Therefore, all the funds from this fundraiser will go to the expense for cats' Emergency Veterinary Care expenses.

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