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UPDATE: BEES are currently in discussions with the owner of Lanna. Lanna has spent more than 50 years serving humans and is blind in one eye (we were told sling shot injury). Lanna's spine is mishapen from years of carrying heavy weight on her back, she is a little slim and suffers from poor digestion, likely because her teeth are worn/fractured with age and inappropriate diet. In order to give Lanna the Retirement she deserves BEES has to raise the funds to secure her by end of December. Please help us towards our target and beyond!

We are Team Elephant Ladies (who came up with that team name?) - MANDY AND GIANNA. We have both volunteered at BEES in November and had an incredible experience - one that we want to support!

BEES is a small sanctuary situated in rural Thailand 2 1/2 - 3 hours from Chiang Mai, amidst breathtaking scenery. It is run by the warmest of people - Emily and Burm along with a small team. BEES is the forefront of ethical elephant care, they wish to offer retired elephants who have lived very sad and hard lives often with harsh treatment, a loving home for the rest of their lives. This is life at THEIR pace, free to wander in the forest in the day with their mahouts, and a safe place to rest and return where wonderful fruit and salad treats are waiting for them. Volunteers come and observe the elephants, walk to find them in the forest, prepare their evening food and also spend time with the rescued dogs and cats at the sanctuary. No riding, no hooks, no hands - just letting them BE elephants.

If you are curious to hear more have a look at the BEES website ( to read about their philosophy and ambitions for the future. They are certainly looking to expand and evolve and they very much need support as they look towards rescuing another elephant. The website outlines the difficult process and many steps they have to go through to do this. And the huge expense!

Please help us raise some funds for BEES, no matter how little. Christmas is coming up and a small donation of £5 will really contribute to the cause, and it would make the perfect present to us.

x Mandy & Gianna

Merry Christmas, happy holidays!

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  • Erin

    Loved hearing your stories from BEES, sounds like an incredible place setting the bar for ethical ele tourism! You're doing amazing work supporting them, both with hands-on volunteering and now raising awareness and fundraising - you go momma!

    THB 2,000 25/12/2018

  • GBH + ZH

    Merry Christmas Mandy! Best of luck to the BEES team :)

    CAD 25 23/12/2018

  • Myron Lee

    merry xmas!

    THB 1,200 21/12/2018

  • Tim Johnson

    GBP 35 16/12/2018

  • Adrienne Stidolph

    THB 2,500 14/12/2018

  • Maggie Haskell

    GBP 25 13/12/2018

  • Patricia Tsai

    USD 5 11/12/2018

  • Anonymous

    GBP 15 08/12/2018

  • Chrissy Dinardo

    USD 25 05/12/2018

  • Helena Illenseer

    EUR 20 04/12/2018

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