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My Story

Toriana used to be breeder cat before I fostered her. She was in a very bad condition when LAP found her. She was diagnosed as pyometra, the vet had to remove her womb immediately because of her condition then. However, the cost of the surgery is pretty high. That’s why I decided to start this fundraising for LAP, so more cats or kittens can be saved by the organization, like they saved Toriana. 

Recent Donors

  • Anonymous

    HKD 3,000 07/31/2020 10:23:13 AM UTC

  • Hannah Liao

    Kitty’s adopted with health conditions too and now she’s more than spoiled! Glad you’re much happier and healthier now Tori :)

    HKD 500 07/31/2020 10:16:03 AM UTC

  • David He

    Hope Toriana get well soon!

    HKD 200 07/29/2020 06:03:46 AM UTC

  • Kristina Blomstrand

    HKD 1,000 07/29/2020 02:37:43 AM UTC

  • Anonymous


    HKD 388 07/24/2020 03:30:52 AM UTC

  • Cheng-i Wang

    USD 50 07/23/2020 08:07:51 AM UTC

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