I am going to absolutely hate this challenge but I want to help the cause. I've never run that far before. Help me to support ImpactHK, a charity that directly supports the homeless and vulnerable in Hong Kong. Your money would not be swallowed up by admin and staff costs, it would be spent on the people that truly need it. I'm asking for little change, no need for big donations (but feel free!!), just pennies are fine, anything is better than nothing.

My Story

So ImpactHK is basically a guy that wanted to help the local community so he set up a team of volunteers and created some set walks around Hong Kong where the volunteers make a donation or bring supplies and then hand them out to the needy. Jeff has expanded this to at least two kindness walks per week plus other activities and the aim is just to give warmth and necessities to those in need. I've been on some of the walks and the living conditions suck! Not necessarily worse than the UK (my homeland) but they get a lot less support from the government here.

Rent vs. minimum wage divide is ridiculous here, taking into account that what you get for the extortionate amount of money you pay out is very little. Some people in HK live in basically a coffin- like room that has everything in a very tiny space with walls directly around the person. Even some that are working full time can't afford to live and I mean they're working but still homeless. 

So I'm going to run this 15k run around the end of August/1st September. Honestly I'm not looking forward to it, I feel yukky just thinking about it, but if I can do my bit to help ImpactHK then it will be worthwhile so please consider sponsoring me (can be ££££ or $$$$$) and sharing my page with your friends/colleagues etc. because really, every cent/penny will count. My target is £100/$1000HKD, I'm not expecting people to give massive amounts at all.

EDIT: I raised the target because I surpassed it within 12 hours! Thanks to everyone so far.

Recent Donors

  • Sue Mehmi

    Well done Toya!

    GBP 10 14/08/2017

  • G. Armistead

    Well done Toya!

    HKD 150 14/08/2017

  • Paul Hinton

    GBP 50 06/07/2017

  • Luke (Jas Colleague)

    Well done Toya!

    HKD 50 05/07/2017

  • Richie Jas colleague

    Good luck Toya x

    HKD 60 04/07/2017

  • Ashley and Amy (Jas Colleagues)

    Good luck Toya!

    HKD 210 04/07/2017

  • David D., Tom. B and Dillon (Jas' Colleagues)

    Good luck Toya!

    HKD 330 04/07/2017

  • Ambreen Jas Colleague

    Good luck Toya!

    HKD 180 04/07/2017

  • Doug Tucker

    HKD 500 03/07/2017

  • Nina Voce

    Good luck Toya!

    HKD 250 02/07/2017

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