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Every kid deserves to play, but sadly, this not the case in a country like Myanmar. When me and my friends Shwe Sin and Kyaw Min started working on the programs of the Play for Life Foundation in Yangon, we have seen and experienced first-hand that the struggle is real for many of these children residing in low income communities. There's practically no safe space for play, play is limited to football (and mostly only for boys!), any spare time left from school is spent for tutoring, and worse, some of them won't even have that free time because they need to work.

We have ran over 50 sessions of Play & Learn caravan and each time we go, there's always that one thing that moves us - the pure joy from the faces of the children we engage with. The laughter, the smiles, and the endless thank-you's that we receive make the hard work all worth it. (Plus, hearing these kids starting to count and greet in English, or learning how to properly segregate waste, and seeing them play happily together regardless of the race/background - just proves to us how powerful play can be in learning!)

But play is not a common cause that people would want to support, especially in Myanmar. That's why for those of you who believe that play has that power not only to improve the mental health, physical wellbeing, creativity and critical thinking of these children, but most especially important in molding them to become better citizens of the future having the capacity to lead and work peacefully with one another - we need your support.

Apart from these, we are also running training programs for teachers and a Learn-to-Swim for children residing in flooding-vulnerable areas. Help us keep our programs alive. We believe that while we cannot change the living condition of these kids in Myanmar now, we can do our small part in giving them hope and preparing them for the future - all through play. 

Check-out for more information on who we are and what we do as a local nonprofit organization in Myanmar.

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