We are swimming to raise money for The Splash Foundation. Splash is a nonprofit charity giving free swimming lessons for foreign domestic workers and underprivileged youth.

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Since its first class of 30 swimmers at Hong Kong International School in 2015, Splash has grown into a bonafide swim program serving some of Hong Kong’s most important, but under-served communities: foreign domestic workers, unprivileged youth, and refugee/migrant families. Now located in multiple pool sites on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories, Splash provides free swim lessons to not only brand-new beginner swimmers, but to graduates of our beginner program whom are keen to become lifelong fitness – and even competitive – swimmers.

 The Splash Dash Relay concept became a reality in 2017, when 33 of our graduates stepped up to compete in their first-ever swimming pool competition. Many of them had just learned to dive weeks before the relay event, but all successfully competed with their teams. They brought a new level of enthusiasm, energy, and excitement that MADE the inaugural Splash Dash Relay such an amazing event for the other swimmers, volunteers, and spectators. Their success – not just as competent swimmers, but as thoughtful leaders and advocates for their communities – is one of Splash’s greatest achievements and is a true testament to Splash’s impact in Hong Kong.

These Splash Dash Relay veterans continue to dedicate the majority of their free time back to Splash as trainee coaches, pool-site admin teams, and event organizers. Along with the rest of our volunteer coaches, Splash truly could not operate without their help.   

The race entry fees for these 6 teams has already been raised (HK$30,000), but these swimmers will be pushing to raise more money for Splash among their friends, colleagues, and families. Whether it is HK$20 or $100, every bit counts towards being able to provide ONE more Splasher the opportunity to be a confident, strong, and successful role model both in and out of the water.  

Calling all current Splashers, Splash Graduates, future Splashers, Splash Coaches, and Splash supporters!  PLEASE SUPPORT OUR #TeamSplash RELAY TEAMS. They represent everything we hope each new Splasher will get a chance to become.

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