Personal Challenge

The goal of this project is to raise funds that can be used to provide enrichment to Bento and Is, two orangutans at the Tasikoki Wildlife Centre. Bento and Is both have been rescued from the illegal wildlife trade and now unable to be released back into the wild, must spend the rest of their lives in captivity. With the help of donors such as yourself we can provide activities that cognitively stimulate Bento and Is and make their life in captivity more enjoyable.

My Story

My name is Steven Stilwell and I am a recently graduated Biological Anthropology student from Western Washington University in the United States. Right now I am currently on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia doing research on orangutan enrichment and captive welfare at the Tasikoki Wildlife Centre. Here at the centre we have two male orangutans, Bento and Is both of whom were rescued from the illegal wildlife trade as adolescents. Now unable to be released into the wild they must spend the rest of their lives in captivity. Orangutans are highly intelligent animals and long periods of inactivity and boredom can be psychologically detrimental to their well being. The solution to this problems is to provide activities that are cognitively challenging and allow them to engage in new and exciting things.We need your help in funding these enrichment activities as well as supporting the students and staff conducting the research. 
Thank you for your support and consideration!

Recent Donors

  • State Street Fusion

    USD 250 06/01/2016 12:18:22 AM UTC

  • Donita Kessler

    We're very proud of you Steven!

    USD 100 06/25/2015 11:33:24 PM UTC

  • Steven Kessler

    What a great life learning experience for a great cause.

    USD 100 06/25/2015 11:18:40 PM UTC

  • jeannie aldridge


    USD 50 06/10/2015 08:37:45 PM UTC

  • Alissa French

    Here's a little something to keep those orange lovelies engaged and healthy!

    USD 50 06/02/2015 05:50:53 PM UTC

  • Mindy Kessler

    Such awesome work you are doing, Steven! Great job!

    USD 50 06/02/2015 04:33:59 PM UTC

  • Erin J Stilwell

    So proud of you Steve! Can't wait to see and hear about your adventures. Love you much!

    USD 250 06/02/2015 03:41:43 PM UTC

  • Hobz Coughlin

    Good luck, Steven. You're doing something great. I hope people dig deep and the funds come rolling in.

    USD 20 06/02/2015 08:40:27 AM UTC

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