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My Story


This is Stanislas writing and I have a teacher whose son is sick.
I am doing a swimming challenge to raise money to help her son.
The challenge is to swim around Middle Island in HK (2.5km long).

We have been training every Saturday and Sunday every week since early June.
 Each training session lasts 1h30min.
During the last session, we did 1.6km.
On the 1st of July, we will swim around Middle Island. 

We welcome all donations through this SimplyGiving website (a small fee will be deducted from your donation, for the service provided by SimplyGiving), or directly to Alfie's family’s account if possible:

Bank Name     HSBC
Bank Account No#   503 566176 292
Bank Account Name Lily PINCKNEY

PayMe: to +852 6801 2588 or Scan the ‘PayMe QR code’ shown on the right, to pay -->

Bank name: Lloyds Bank
Account no: 00521412
Sort-code: 30-98-74
Account name: Lily PINCKNEY

Bank name: Lloyds Bank
Account no: 00092485
Sort-code: 30-96-61
Account name: Charles P Pinckney

Please contribute if you want to support me!

Thank you


Recent Donors

  • Lise Dumont

    HKD 500 30/06/2020

  • Anonymous

    HKD 500 26/06/2020

  • Stephane Avis

    Brave Stan, 2.5km je suis très impressionné! Félicitations...

    HKD 1,000 26/06/2020

  • Marianne Megarbane

    GBP 50 23/06/2020

  • Cecile Pont

    HKD 200 23/06/2020

  • anne-marie Arnaudo

    HKD 500 23/06/2020

  • Florent Rodier

    HKD 500 23/06/2020

  • Yulia Antishina

    HKD 500 23/06/2020

  • Shanty Paredes

    HKD 500 23/06/2020

  • evelyne et dominique demey

    2.5 km is a long swim . Take care. And a hello to Alfie !

    HKD 400 23/06/2020

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