Help us to make a difference by raising money for something close to our hearts - the children of Hong Kong. Please help us to help!

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The Swedish Winter Project is a series of events taking place in Hong Kong between Dec 5th - 18th, 2019. 
The events are open for everyone to attend and this year’s special guest star is the real Santa Claus, who traveled from Sweden and will be at TST on Dec 13-15th. Swedish Winter focuses on Christmas, children and children's literature. You can be part of it as well!

Through different activities, we wish to support and raise money for registered charity "Bring Me A Book Hong Kong" (BMABHK) and their amazing work to ignite a love of reading for the children in Hong Kong. As the leading advocate for family literacy, their vision is a Hong Kong in which every child is read to, strengthening family and community bonds, and creating a love of learning. The money raised will be split into two parts - half the money will go to buying books, which can be given as Christmas gifts for children in Hong Kong. The other half will go directly to support BMABHK’s library and training programs for underprivileged families. Sweden is one of the most creative nations in the world. We believe creative individuals start to form at a very young age, and that stimulation of children’s imagination is key to an innovative society.

Some facts about the importance of reading aloud and why it's good to support this cause
  • Reading aloud has a remarkable effect on children’s cognitive, literacy and language skills
  • Research has revealed an intimate connection between reading aloud and well-being through enhanced parent-child relationships
  • Reading aloud to children encourages empathy and other socio-emotional skills through the sharing of ideas, feelings, hopes and fears
  • Hong Kong children have high rates of ability in reading comprehension, but the lowest rates in the world in pleasure derived from reading
  • In Hong Kong, where the focus is on the exam score, Bring Me a Book Hong Kong is working hard to remind parents and educators of the importance of creativity, communication and critical thinking 
This fundraising is supported by the Consulate General of Sweden.

Your gift to Bring Me A Book today will be matched - dollar for dollar up to HK$25,000 - thanks to The Banjo Boys. Help us bring books to kids in need!

All photos by Bring Me A Book.

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