Fundraising for the people of Indonesia as a thank you to the heroes who got our family and friends to safety.

My Story

We were a group of 18 Canadians who were on Gili Trawangan during the August 2018 earthquake. The hotel staff and our all-star hero, Febri, helped to evacuate us from the island to safety. The entire team refused to accept money or food and asked that we donate to support those who lost everything. We are lucky to get to return home to Canada to warm homes, many Indonesians have lost theirs. As a thank you to the Indonesians who showed so much love and kindness to us, we are fundraising to help those impacted.

Recent Donors

  • Leonita Aguiar

    CAD 100 26/08/2018

  • Sarah Fung

    CAD 100 24/08/2018

  • Anonymous

    CAD 50 22/08/2018

  • Jane Zhang

    CAD 200 19/08/2018

  • Anonymous

    CAD 100 17/08/2018

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    CAD 100 17/08/2018

  • Anonymous

    IDR 1,000,000 17/08/2018


    CAD 100 16/08/2018

  • Poonam Gupta

    CAD 100 16/08/2018

  • Seema Agnihotri

    CAD 300 14/08/2018

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