Please help out as much as you can. Impact HK is a great charity helped out by a amazing bunch of volunteers. Especially after Typhoon Hato, the luckiest of us are sheltered at home while watching the destruction going around us. These people don't have a roof our their heads, please spare a thought and whatever you can give. Much appreciated.

My Story

ImpactHK is the only charity in Hong Kong that helps the elderly and homeless throughout the city. Each month, they serve the community through 20 Kindness Walks visiting some of the poorest areas of the city and providing the community with food, drinks, clothing and toiletries, but most importantly love and kindness. 

Many of the homeless ImpactHK's volunteers come across are over 70 years old. These are hundreds of elderly men and women suffering from various disabilities with age, poor eyesight and immobility nevertheless having to go through intensive physical labor collecting cardboard boxes just to get by. Most upsetting of all without any of their children or grandchildren in sight is how fragile, helpless and lonely they are. 

ImpactHK believes that nobody deserves to be on the streets and that everyone deserves to have someone that cares. Their mission is not only to provide physical help for their survival but to also let this community know that they are loved and cared for through their weekly chats and hugs - a smile and helping hand can go a very long way! Join me in supporting ImpactHK's next mission to build a facility for the homeless that will shelter over 200 homeless individuals. Their first milestone is to raise HKD350,000 to cover the facility's first year's rent which will provide shelter, security, free clothing, and even haircuts and job training. Let us work together to get them off the streets!

ImpactHK is a 100% charity - there are no paid staff or volunteers, so all your donations will proceed directly to the fund. Please spread the word and love by sharing this page. Also know that a large donation is not required - every dollar helps!

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