Due to this pandemic, many orphanages are facing financial difficulties, and some have lost their long-term investment donors. In fact, donations are not a matter of one or two people, but a matter of the whole society. If everyone can contribute for them, no matter how big or small, as long as everyone is doing something, this society will become super loving and affectionate. Let those having money contribute money, and those having strength contribute their powerful strength for them. Let us build this beautiful and wonderful world together with each other.

My Story

Spreading your love with your sunny heart to make warm memories and happiness. Hi everyone, Hope you have good health and happiness during this pandemic. We are students from Diploma in Hotel Management and Diploma in Tourism Management Year 1 Semester 1 are studying at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC) Kuala Lumpur main campus. We are helping an orphanage LIGHTHOUSE by doing online fundraising. In 2021, as the Covid-19 pandemic destroys the source of the economy, there are many people who need help. This is because people can only stay at home to avoid the virus and without work. Our class decided to help an orphanage’s children. Lighthouse now has 63 children with ages ranging from 4 to 20. Supported by a Committee of 14 persons, Lighthouse is run by 4 paid staff who take care of the children and 2 staff for security and maintenance. The home has expanded to 4 rented houses that comply with all regulations.

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    take care

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