We are organizing a charity concert call Star-Edu music charity festival. Out intention is to be one contribution for funds, donation (Clothes, learning materials and others) in order to give to children and schools from rural area in Laos.

My Story

     As we see many schools from rural area in the world have a problem in their education, most of students have no enough quality education, some of them can’t read or write, some of them don’t have a change to study due to their family financial (Also their parents mind-set in education is not important, then their children are out of school before graduate to work or even marriage).
     Star-Edu Music Charity is a social project where we will organize an international charity concert to raise funds for helping the children in rural area who have no chance to attend in school. The concert will first organize in Laos (member’s country), then move to another country (Hong Kong, Indonesia…) in the next time if possible. In the concert, both of local and international singers, brands, and even youths can perform the concert and it’s also a stage that they can show their ability to help the children and also promote themselves. Meanwhile, during the program we will recruit local volunteers to join and gain more experience to improve themselves.
     Before the concert, we will open a donation booth to accept money, second hand clothes, education equipment and so on where volunteer can do outside activities and spend their free time effectively. After that, before the concert day we and our volunteers will organize and invite musicians from both local and overseas who want to support education to join. Then, when the concert begins everyone can join the concert by buying the tickets and also donate some money or their old clothes at the donation booths to support poor students. After the concert finish, all of money and everything we have received will provide to the students in rural area.                  

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