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My Story

My name is Mohamad Izham. 30 years old. Back in 2014, I have been diagnosed with Stage iii (b) of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer. In urgency, the doctor started the treatment with ABVD because my tumor at that particular moment, was big and might cause me any other problems. The ABVD regime, which consist of 6 cycles eventually responded very well to my body and after 6 months juggling between 12 times of chemos and depression , the doctor finally told me that the cancer, was gone.

But 4 months after the remission and living a healthy lifestyle, the cancer decided to came back. The doctor told me that the cancer has relapsed and I need to go through another treatment which is, ICE. ICE regime was hard on me, it was salvage and ruined my daily activities. Consisted of 4 cycles of chemotherapy, with 3 days of straight infusion followed by 15 times of radiotherapy and the autologust stem cells transplant, the doctor finally told me that the cancer was gone, again. I was so happy and grateful that I have won the battle twice by spending almost RM 200K just to keep me alive.

However, aint like any other fairytales. My happy moment, it only lasted for 2 years and half. Earlier this month, the doctor have told me that the cancer strikes back in my body and it’s too big. They wanted to start the treatment on me immediately but my problem is, I don’t have enough money to go through the treatment which it gonna roughly cost me around RM 350K. Being a fighter for this thing long time ago, didn’t break my spirit to fight it again now. The issue for me, is only the money. I am ready to win this battle like how I used to win before. The doctor told me they gonna use the targeted therapy on me since this is my second relapsed in hope that the cancer will be forever gone. The targeted therapy consisted of Brentuximab and Bendamustine for 16 cycles, which gonna costs me around RM 280, 140.00. And I need to do another transplant of allogenic and it might gonna add on extra costs which is RM 50, 000. 00

And here I am now, on this site, being humble asking for helps from everyone around this world, to fund my treatment cost so I can fight it again and again. To keep on living like a normal people does. To finally able to be fit again. To finally being a healthy man and continue my dream to live this life to the fullest. To make my family less worried about my condition and able to sleep peacefully at night knowing that I am fine enough.I promise with all the donation that I am gonna get soon, I will fight this sickness with all my will until it no longer able to comeback like how it did now.

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    Wish you all the best in fighting the disease Izham! Tough time doesn't last, tough people do. Fighting!!

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