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We are students from Tunku Abdul Rahman College(TARC) penang branch that are currently studying in Diploma in Computer Science (DCS) from the tutorial group DCS2 and we will be organizing a fund-raising event for unicef Malaysia.

Our initial target is RM 500. We think this amount is justifiable as many people are going through difficult times due to the COVID-19 pandemic where a lot of people has lost their jobs and are in need of help in terms of food and daily necessities. Even though COVID-19 pandemic has made our country economically unstable, we still believe there is a lot of good hearts out there that will help us in achieving our target fund.

We chose Unicef Malaysia instead of another international/local organization is because we passionately believe that unicef has what it takes to help our country with the ongoing COVID-19. Unicef Malaysia has been operating since 1954 which proves that the organization is experienced in a variety of situations. Based on the annual review provided by unicef they have managed to procured more than 3.486 billion. Around 183.9 million is used for nutrition supplies where the rest of the amount is used for pharmaceuticals,vaccines and education supplies. As the current pandemic is related to Medical & Health, we firmly believe that by hosting a charity fund for unicef Malaysia, we will be able to help those in need. Furthermore, we chose unicef Malaysia because they regularly update their main Web Page as well as constantly gave report about the ongoing current issue. As an example unicef Malaysia recently release a report about impact of COVID-19 crisis on women and children in low income urban families in Malaysia.

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