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Young Sustainable Impact Southeast Asia

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Young Sustainable Impact Southeast Asia

YSI SEA empowers Southeast Asian youth to solve the region's sustainability issues through a measurable impact. Through our fully funded 4-month Innovation Program, Southeast Asian youth will be able to create startups targeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

By equipping youth with innovation frameworks and resources, we hope to enable youth to solve their local or regional problems - ultimately enhancing the quality of life for citizens across the region.We believe that sustainable startups would be an effective driver for sustainable development. We strive for decentralized innovation and partnerships with established companies and government agencies in order to make sustainable future a reality.

We aim to create a three-fold impact:

  1. Create youth driven sustainable businesses through our Innovation Program.
    Apart from crafting a framework to develop sustainable startups, we increase the cooperation between Southeast Asian youth by mixing youth from different nationalities with a common passion (SDG). Through this, we foster better understanding between youth and ensure that the end product is robust. This also helps with the decentralized execution of ideas.

  2. Build a youth movement focusing on sustainability.
    Greater awareness and discourse is needed to effectively tackle our sustainability problems. We promote this through our Facebook group “Earthpreneurs”, speeches and workshops. With approximately 4,500 passionate youth from across the world, Earthpreneurs group functions as a community building platform for us to initiate discussions and gain insights on sustainability issues plaguing different parts of the world. We are also able to gain perspectives on the best practices in other countries which could potentially be implemented elsewhere to solve certain issues. YSI SEA also advocates for sustainability across different sectors through speeches and workshops. Among our many sessions, we spoke at the Global Youth Summit 2018 were part of the closing plenary session for GCNS Youth Forum.

  3. Encourage established companies & organizations to join our ecosystem.
    A cross-sectoral partnership is essential for ideas to work and for meaningful collaboration. We are in talks with established companies, govt and to establish a viable partnership and a strong network which drives the sustainability agenda.

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