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Quantum Evolution was created with the intention to help support and leverage the status of persons with disabilities (include those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments) to be on par with the general public in terms of employment and livelihood sustainability. By educating and engaging the younger generation and the public that people with disabilities are as 'able' as we are on a daily basis. That society should not limit their perceptions and generalizing on their innate abilities to live day by day. We do this thru having disable persons take part in usual races that is open to the general public; by having them be seen to do normal challenges, extraordinarily (e.g Spartan Races, Ironman triathlon Races, Marathons, Extreme multi-sport events, etc). In turn, we are able to create just employment to these athletes by providing them avenues to conduct Motivational Talks and activities to schools and organisation, which is intended to be done for Free*. Having no other sources of revenue from these participation and talks; we therefore seek the kindness of individuals and corporations to provide financial backing so as to sustain our operations and other cost, for this foundational period; until which we intend to start our own fitness center that can cater to provide employment to "Disabled Staff" who would be qualified to be Personal Trainers/ Coaches and Fitness Motivators in their field.

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