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Portes Holdings Pte Ltd

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Portes Holdings Pte Ltd

Portes is a distributor of quality baby feeding and hygiene products from niche award winning international brands. All the products sold by Portes meets its stringent requirement for safety. We distribute our products to retailers nationwide in Malaysia, and selectively to Singapore and Korea.

There is a growing group of mothers who are finding it hard to juggle children and taking up a steady income job. Some are divorced, or lost their partner due to a number of reasons. Portes looks to address that problem.

We want to help Mothers especially single/young mother, those with financial debt / difficulties via our Social Enterprise. Portes provides training & products to participants to derive their income from making of home-made products and not through any over-riding, etc. At the same time we provide them with sales and entrepreneurship training. We have been doing so by hiring mothers in our target segment to earn a living and support their children.

The point of this enterprise is provide participants with flexible job opportunities to suit their situation. We are currently working with Babes, CDAC, and Daughters of Tomorrow and RAISE.

We offer a wide range of products but this year we have understood the Singaporean market better and are focussing on selected ones namely homemade products by the mommies such as homemade soap, handiwork, cookies, pastries to sell at key modern trade accounts and also regularly participate in flea markets and any related non-profit events.

We also have key anchor products such as SPLAT European Toothpaste and Babyjumi- Lactation cookies. Since 2017, we have expanded the business to some key outlets such as Watson and Kiddy Palace in Singapore to give confidence to participants that our products are widely accepted. Hence the company is financially sustainable albeit a tight cashflow as faced by any other SMEs.

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