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I am a single mom with three lovely children, and my youngest son is a Special need child, he is diagnosed with Central Hypotonia as the underlying for his reason of GDD (Global Development Delay). He was born with weak lungs and VSD, with him we have gone through a lot from when he was a baby until now. 
During his journey from being diagnosed with Central Hypotonia I have learned a lot and witnessed how Early Intervention Therapy really helps him, from he cannot sit independently himself until he can walk, jump, sing and start with more words now.  Me and a few of my kind-hearted friends have opened a Social Enterprise Therapy centre for special needs children with a very affordable rate and even subsidized for those who cannot afford it. with T&C apply*. 
We want to let other special needs children be able to have good progress in their life like my son too, as they deserve a better and beautiful life like other children.

We have started our centre since Feb 2018, all  this while we sustaining the operation cost by ourselves. We use our full pay students fees to provide discount subsidy for Special need children from B40's families. But with this covid-19 pandemic happen many of people are effected as well as our children families. Some of their parents lost their jobs, some parents salary been cut significantly, that cause parents have no choice, to stop sending their kids for therapy. 
And unfortunately this are happen to our full pay students. With this situation, we are facing very challanging situation to sustain our operation expenses and to continue our good cause to help special needs children in our centre

We hope we can continue to help this children in order they can have a better future and life. We are now running this Campaign to raise donation fund from public and corporate  to help us to sustain our operation costs in order we can continue to provide Early Intervention Program Therapy for special needs children and to provide 6 (Six) months FOC EIP Therapy for our existing children who are families badly effected and children from B40's families.  

Fund that we manage to raise later will be allocate as below :Early Intervention Program (EIP) Therapy subsidy
Fully subsidy               5 Children
Partly Subsidy             5 Children 
Art Therapy Subsidy  for 9 Children
Music Lession Subsidy for 3 Children

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