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Catalyst Connection

Our Founder, Tricia Tan HT has lived with bipolar disorder since 2011 and has had experiences of altered states of consciousness, commonly known as psychosis. 

Catalyst Connection 
is a culmination of her 20-year life’s work in youth mental health. Her work sprouted in 1998 when, as an undergraduate at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, she volunteered and mentored youths in the juvenile offenders’ institutions. It has since become her personal calling and mission to Pioneer Integrative Mental Health in Asia.  

Trained in the US, Tricia is the first and only certified Spiritual Emergence Coach in Asia. Currently, there are no more than 100 coaches worldwide (accurate as at time of publishing). 

Through her own lived experience, Tricia is living testimony that a mental health crisis is actually a transformative journey in which an individual seeks AND finds meaning and purpose in life

Tricia has worked with children and youths from age 0 to young adulthood. Having been a teacher, school counsellor and youth development coach, Tricia is the best person to guide, support and empower young people on their journey to realise their potential.  

She firmly believes that family support is the foundation for deep inner healing, not just for the individual but for the entire family. 

Tricia's philosophy - 


Tricia's services mainly cater (but are not limited) to:
(a) youths, young adults with mental health issues, and
(b) parents and/or caregivers. 

(1)    Spiritual Emergence Coaching (can be faith-based or non-faith based, depending on clients’ needs)
Holistic, integrative and needs-based consultation & support that begins in clients' homes. 

(2)    Support Groups
Group sessions for persons-in-emergence (PIEs) to share experiences, connect with & support one another 

(3)    Outreach & Advocacy
Events to promote awareness of spiritual emergence as an alternative perspective to mental health issues 
- through CRAZYWISE Film Screening & Open Space Dialogue - specially designed to facilitate de-stigmatisation 

(4)    Training & Consultancy
Seminars/workshops for mental health professionals & para-professionals, caregivers and anyone involved in mental health care 

(5)    Speaking Engagements
Intimate sharing of mental health crisis-transformation story with Q&A session

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