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Catalyst Connection

Pioneering Integrative Mental Health in Asia

Catalyst Connection is a non-profit social enterprise that de-stigmatises mental illness and catalyses recovery through integrative mental healthcare approaches.

Our founder, Tricia Gabrielle Tan is previously from the public education and healthcare sector. She has more than 20 years’ teaching, counselling and coaching experience with youths and parents from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

She worked on multi-agency mental health programmes and also served as volunteer mentor at the Singapore Boys’ Home and Girls’ Homes.

Diagnosed with depression in 2006 and bipolar disorder with psychosis in 2011, Tricia lost her life savings, marriage and family in the most intense phases of her crises.

She made remarkable recovery in less than 2 years after she took charge of her life conditions and practised integrative mental healthcare techniques.

She learned that her mental health crises is actually a journey of personal transformation and growth, otherwise known as spiritual emergence (a concept new to Asia but not to be confused with religion).

Through it, she discovered her true life purpose.

Tricia now uses her lived experience to help others on their recovery, transformation and growth journey and is a much valued and sought after resource in her clients’ search for their highest purpose in life.

She enjoys Zumba, swimming, being in nature and attending courses for professional and personal growth. She has two daughters aged 9 and 13.

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For youths, parents & working professionals

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Talks, workshops, group coaching, consultations



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