Community service is a great job in our life. So, we are making a difference by raising money for Social Worker Medical Fund for Yayasan Chow Kit. Social worker Medical Funding is to support our community service by creating a safe place and to empower them with our holistic program for at risk children and teenagers in Chow Kit and nearby communities. Please support us by donating a small portion of your income or saving. Thank you for all your love.

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1. Purpose of Social Work

  1.1 Case Management Services   
Our case management team consist of 6 social workers divided to 2 centers and a shelter. Social workers thrive in providing services and referrals to children individually. The role of social workers are to access the needs of children and their families (through an extensive registration process) and provide services to fulfil the basic needs for holistic development.   Social work team also provide extensive support to the families of the children in order to enable families to become more sustainable.   Case management compromises of direct and indirect services.  

a) Direct services include financial support for education, housing needs, medical needs, basic household aid, handle abuse cases, birth registrations and documentation, court cases that is link to abuse, statelessness, representing children in detention, adoption and children who are abandoned or neglected. Social workers also play a role in creating referrals for children who have special needs, homeless children, and long term sheltering.  

b)Indirect services include identifying families for foster care (facilitating the transition of children from homes to foster families), supporting children’s families in job placement, referral of single parents for vocational training, provide emotional support to parents, referrals for financial government aid and supporting keen families in business start ups and supporting families in their businesses (i.e. cater food from single mothers)

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