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This is a humble appeal to all my friends to donate as much as you can for the victims of Nepal Earthquake - Please donate ASAP.

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As we all know, on April 25, 2015, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal causing widespread destruction and massive loss of life. So this is an appeal to all my friends to donate as much as you can for the victims of Nepal Earthquake.

One week after a massive earthquake wrought destruction across Nepal, the country has ruled out the possibility of finding more survivors under the rubble, authorities said Saturday. The death toll from the powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake now stands at over 6,700.Authorities reportedly said that the focus is now shifting to reach out to survivors awaiting relief supplies in remote areas of the Himalayan nation. Aid finally began arriving in Bunkot, a remote group of villages in the Himalayan foothills, authorities said Saturday. The epicenter of Nepal’s earthquake was the Gorkha District -- about 65 miles from Kathmandu -- which is home to about 270,000 people. 

Thanks for your support & cooperation. 

To raise funds, our team is collecting donations and all the impacted victims of Nepal. 

Team members are:
Chirantan Saha
Sreenivasulu Pasam Yella Venkata
Annabelle Santiago
Santhosh Badri
Nikhil Dhyani
Ganesh Ramachandran

Pls support us to support Nepal.

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    Best Of Luck

    USD 240 06/05/2015 07:35:02 AM UTC


    USD 10 05/26/2015 04:16:36 AM UTC


    Hi Friend - Thanks for the donation

    USD 28 05/25/2015 06:17:32 AM UTC

  • Rajaram Lakshmanan

    USD 10 05/25/2015 04:14:02 AM UTC

  • Nikhil Dhyani

    God bless nepal..

    USD 25 05/25/2015 02:58:03 AM UTC

  • Ioana Hanganu

    USD 25 05/25/2015 02:42:53 AM UTC


    USD 50 05/24/2015 11:50:58 PM UTC


    I wish quick recovery for all the affected people of Nepal.

    USD 52 05/24/2015 11:42:34 PM UTC

  • Sharad Bohra

    Thank you all for you effort towards society and rebuilding Nepal

    USD 50 05/22/2015 02:59:49 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    USD 10 05/22/2015 01:44:27 PM UTC

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