Shop for a good cause. Charitable shopping that helps others and bring smile to you and the displaced families in Gaza. Select various products from our IG @lfm4humanity.

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Shop for humanity with us! This is one of the campaigns LaFamiliaMoiz4Humanity is promoting for our fundraising campaign to provide a temporary home for displaced families in Gaza In collaboration with Cinta Gaza Malaysia, an established non-profit organisation.

We hope your charitable shopping can help us achieve our mission, and add some joy to the displaced families in Gaza.

This is what you need to do:

  1. Purchase from these curated items ranging from homeware to clothing to support this campaign.

  2. To purchase, call Wulan at 019 515 9999 to discuss the product availability and final price. 

  3. Choose the shopping4humanity button, and continue with your order by enter your name and agreed price.

Happy shopping everyone, stay home and be safe.

100% proceeds from the purchase will be donated to our fundraising initiative -- a collaborative effort with Cinta Gaza Malaysia.

Finally, we hope you will be happy with your charitable shopping for not only have you purchased one of the cool items we have up for sale, but at the same time actually helping the displaced families directly! May your deeds be rewarded and multiplied.


1. Butang Baju Melayu - RM 450 from Iqlas by Suhara to Datin Nurul 
2. Cinta Abaya - RM 920 from Cinta Abaya to Datin Dewi 
3. Royla Sembilan Shawl - RM 750 to Mrs Anya
4. Yosh & The Chillies Vouchers - RM 50 x 4 vouchers = RM 200 to Mrs Amanda 

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