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The fundraising team, ‘Saving Oogway’, was established to positively impact the local marine biodiversity by promoting awareness of the rapid decline of the sea turtles endangered population. The charity team is constructed by a variety of creative, innovative, and critical thinkers with a strong commitment to reach a large audience over this significant issue. Hence, the members of this fundraising program share a passionate objective to ensure that individuals across the globe understand the significant impact sea turtles have on marine biodiversity and to revive their population by supporting a turtle conservation camp in Lang Tengah. As a result, we hope to provide a better understanding of this significant issue and build a positive community whereby everyone has an impact.

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  • Muhammad Dzaqwan

    let's goooo saving oogway and team~~~~~

    MYR 33 04/13/2022 02:35:26 PM UTC

  • Fundraiser Event

    Money raised from HW event!

    MYR 150 04/04/2022 07:09:05 AM UTC

  • Michael Warren

    MYR 100 03/31/2022 12:58:20 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    I hope that by donating to save the creations of Allah, my blessings will increase in this dunya and akhirat.

    AUD 50 03/23/2022 10:21:54 AM UTC

  • Edina Salem

    All the best for the project! Save the turtles!

    MYR 10 03/17/2022 03:30:53 AM UTC

  • Pea Sprout

    cinta ili cantek

    MYR 15 03/08/2022 05:39:28 PM UTC

  • Dato sri Hazim Bin battery


    MYR 10 03/08/2022 05:16:41 PM UTC

  • Datin Sri Qayyum binti Basikal

    MYR 10 03/08/2022 05:16:40 PM UTC

  • Muqri Ammar

    MYR 15 03/08/2022 05:14:21 PM UTC

  • Muqri Ammar

    MYR 11 03/08/2022 05:11:55 PM UTC

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