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Genna and Imee are raising funds to help keep St. Mary's Agape Mission School (school for refugees here in KL) running for an additional 12-weeks. Massive thank you to crossfitLAH and crossfit Alice Smith for organizing the OARSOME event. We’d really appreciate any awareness raised for this oarsome challenge and our fundraising efforts, so feel free to share this page.

CrossFit Lah and CrossFit Alice Smith are hosting an OARSOME event in support of 'Oars for a Cause' on 16th January, a rowathon to raise money for St Mary’s Agape Mission school. This is a school for refugees here in KL, which educates children who are unable to legally receive an education here in Malaysia. Due to the pandemic, the school currently only has enough funds to remain open until March, beyond that they won’t be able to cover the costs of running the school. Our goal is to raise a minimum of 12 extra weeks of funding for them. With your help, we can help keep the school open! The aim of this event is to be a fun, community day in support of a good cause! There will of course be prizes and goodies and sponsors will be supporting with generous prizes and donations. Check out St Mary's Agape Mission School here for more information -

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    Keep up the awesome work Imee!

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    great cause!

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