I'm making a difference by raising money for a cause close to my heart. Please support me by donating to women and girls suffering from the Rohingya Crisis. Clean water, shelter, and food are basic necessities for us in life. But, they are luxuries for Rohingya refugees fled to Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh.

My Story

Since August 2017, more than 700,000 members of the persecuted Rohingya minority fled Myanmar to Bangladesh's Cox Bazar refugee camps. There were an estimated 905,000 refugees living in Cox Bazar (as published in August 2018, source:, while more are flicking in.  52 percents are women and girls, 55 percents are children under age 18.  These refugees can't work, nor do they receive any education, as they struggled to survive from day to day. 

Two years on, women and girls remain as the most vulnerable targets. Visitors to refugee camps hear harrow stories of women and girls suffering. "Young and old, pregnant women and new mothers, sexually abused adolescent girls and orphans — their stories reveal loss, fear, worries, grief, hopes, and aspirations."(Source:  In the harsh living environment where people live at the mercy of the weather,  they'd pray the Monsoon season less hostile while supplies of drinking water and food to be continuously provided. News of women and girls subject to human trafficking often surfaces (source:  There aren't enough women-only toilets and bathing facilities. Women must dare the darkness to go to the camp toilets at night, worrying harassment and attacks. 

Our heart aches to hear inequalities and sufferings of others.  In this holiest month of Muslims - Ramadan, I'll skip lunch (from today) and unnecessary shoppings, donate the savings to help Muslim Rohingya women and girls. I hope you can do your part to help these women in suffering.
Even refugees deserve proper sanitation and protection! 

(P.S. Ramadan month between May 5, 2019 to June 4, 2019)

我收到了来自“联合国妇女” 的捐款邀请,决定参加一个为“罗兴亚人危机“受影响的妇女和女孩的义捐号召。“罗兴亚人危机“ 看起来好像离你和我比较遥远, 但是如果你知道我们生活中理所当然的必需品, 包括干净的饮用水,基本卫生环境,安全的住宿和食物,对于那些居无定所,从柬埔寨逃难到孟加拉的罗兴亚人都是奢侈品的时候,你或许可以想象他们艰难的处境。


2017年8月,缅甸内战后,70多万受迫害的罗兴亚人少数民族死里偷生, 逃往孟加拉国的 Cox Bazar 难民营。根据资料 (来源:  ,截至2018年8月公布)有90万名难民生活在Cox Bazar 。其中52% 是妇女和女孩, 55% 是18岁以下的儿童。 这些难民没有工作, 他们住在生活条件非常原始基本,每天都在为生存挣扎。    


“罗兴亚人危机“ 发生已经快两年了, 然而难民的出路希望依然很渺茫,尤其是一大批的妇女和女孩,她们是暴力事件最脆弱的主群。在难民营里,受过苦,受过虐的妇女和女孩比比皆是。据报道 ("年轻人和老年人、孕妇和新妈妈、少女和孤儿遭受过性虐待很普遍-...性 (具体报道见:

罗兴亚人难民在听天由命的恶劣环境中生存。遇到雨季,往往一场大雨就可以让他们的在低洼的陋宿淹水。平时难民们依靠国际救援物资和药物生存。 妇女和年轻女孩被人口贩子贩卖的新闻时有出现,有时她们是被迫的,但也有人通过这样的方式逃离难民营( (资料来源:。 难民营里没有足够的女性专用厕所和洗浴设施,。晚上,妇女在黑暗中上厕所, 需要冒着被人骚扰和攻击的危险。  


我们生活在安全富足的环境。但多数人负同情心的人,可以感同身受别人遭遇的痛苦和不平等。 5月到6月初是穆斯林一年中最神圣的月份-斋月, 为了帮助受害的穆斯林罗兴亚人的妇女和女孩, 我将准备从今天开始省吃午餐 ,在Ramadan月节省 不必要的购物,将省下的 捐赠给联合国妇女倡导的捐款活动。 我希望你们也能尽自己的一份力量帮助受难的女人。



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