Support for a reason, donate for a purpose. Yayasan Chow Kit is a shelter home that requires funding for schooling items and supplying medicine for children. A small home with a big heart to rebuild lives. Your participation saves lives.

My Story

“What is the difference between an orphanage and a shelter home?” The motif we carry to raise the awareness of Yayasan Chow Kit through a simple question of what is the idea of a shelter home? This project encompasses the main goals of fund raising and raising awareness for Yayasan Chow Kit by carrying out activities which are all elaborated with the resources required in this proposal. Yayasan Chow Kit is a non-government organisation which spans its centres out in two different locations located in Chow Kit. Children from age 7 to 12 years old are placed in the activity centre where it houses 65 to 70 children. Furthermore, around 50 children from the age of 13 to 18 years old are placed at the other centre named KL Krash Pad. This organisation is a shelter home that provides the children with schooling programmes which caters for students within the centre and other public schools as well. Hence, children in the shelter home does not represent that every child are staying in the centre itself. Moreover, only children with special needs, such as homeless parents, stay at the shelter home temporarily. This differs Yayasan Chow Kit from being an orphanage that has full support from the government. Your funding will be used to buy school items for the children and some medicine such as vaccination for children with special needs.  

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