This is my first time doing this, but yesterday i stumbled upon this online event, whereby I found this great event to raise awareness for Mental Health.

My Story

Yesterday I stumbled upon this online running event, whereby in March I will need to complete 30 KM of running outdoors to raise awareness for Mental Health in HK, this fundraiser will help fund a bunch of Mental Health programs around the city, including those for underprivileged youths. Mental Health has become so important to me in recent months, and as someone who took a while to get better, I hope to raise awareness and do my small part in helping others get better. So lets go get this.

Recent Donors

  • Yvonne Chong

    HKD 1,000 03/29/2023 05:14:25 AM UTC

  • Katty Fung

    HKD 500 03/21/2023 11:22:31 PM UTC

  • Christopher Au

    HKD 200 03/21/2023 11:22:17 AM UTC

  • Galy Yip


    HKD 500 03/21/2023 05:13:29 AM UTC

  • Cheuk Fai Law

    HKD 1,000 03/20/2023 10:45:35 AM UTC

  • Angel Ying

    Good job Nathaniel Law

    HKD 500 03/19/2023 02:46:08 AM UTC

  • Windsor Pang

    HKD 500 03/19/2023 02:18:57 AM UTC

  • Anne Wong

    HKD 500 03/18/2023 03:19:15 PM UTC

  • Sabrina Ho

    HKD 500 03/18/2023 03:07:18 PM UTC

  • Rosanna Tse

    HKD 500 03/18/2023 12:48:09 PM UTC

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