Hello, Callista here, welcome to my fundraiser page :) Let's make difference to refugee children together!

My Story

I'm a volunteer who helps refugee children by teaching them English, Mathematics, and Bahasa Melayu in MANNA House Learning Centre. After meeting them, I realize that they are in need of quality education which is why I made this page in hope people can help those kids through me.

Recent Donors

  • Lance Coengardhata

    Semoga membantu

    IDR 150,000 01/20/2022 07:38:30 AM UTC

  • Evan & Ella uwu

    Semoga dengan bantuan yg tidak seberapa ini, dapat bermanfaat untuk kalian semua hehe

    IDR 100,000 01/20/2022 07:32:22 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    IDR 300,000 01/19/2022 01:36:42 PM UTC

  • Gian Faust

    Sekolah yang bener ya

    IDR 200,000 01/19/2022 12:23:47 PM UTC

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